Buffalo County
Gann Valley, SD
Buffalo County Courthouse
112 Osman Avenue
Gann Valley, SD 57341
Old Courthouse
Gann Valley is the county seat of Buffalo County, as well as the center of population
of South Dakota.  Buffalo County Population: 1,912 (2010 census)

The Buffalo County Courthouse is the headquarters of local government for the
public.  Auditor, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Director of Equalization, and Sheriff
offices are located in this building.  Monthly meetings and other public events are
conducted in the courtroom on the first Tuesday each month.

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County Official
911 Coordinator (Rural Addressing)
Evelyn Wulff
(605) 293-3286
Elaine Wulff
(605) 293-3217
Clerk of Courts
Doris Juhnke
(605) 734-4580
Ronald W. Petersen
(605) 894-4472
Lloyd Lutter
(605) 293-3229
Donita Loudner
(605) 245-2947
Director of Equalization
Evelyn Wulff
(605) 293-3286
Emergency Management Officer
Katheryn Benton
(605) 234-3433
Extension Office - Jerauld County
Julie Barber
(605) 539-9471
Highway Department
Ken Wulff
(605) 293-3263
Register of Deeds
Elaine Wulff
(605) 293-3239
Wayne Willman
(605) 293-3231
Social Services
(605) 734-4500
State's Attorney
Dedrich R. Koch
(605) 539-1250
Janice VonEye
(605) 293-3236
Veteran's Service Officer
Nancy Falor
(605) 293-3239
Weed Supervisor
David Gaulke
(605) 293-3272
Center of Population of SD